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Apocalypse Then- Kingpin: Life of Crime

Developers: Xatrix Entertainment
Publishers: Interplay Entertainment
Engine: id Tech 2 (Quake 2)
Platforms: Linux, Microsoft Windows
Release date: June 30, 1999
Genres: First-person shooter

On this day in gaming, in 1999, Kingpin was released. On the same day, Xatrix Entertainment, the developers, closed, and many of the team formed Gray Matter Interactive, working on games like Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Eventually after Call of Duty 2, they merged with Treyarch.

Kingpin was a controversial game released at an even more controversial and eventful time, just two months and a few days after the Columbine massacre perpetrated by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Numerous retailers pulled the game off of their shelves, or refused to stock it.

Cypress Hill, a hip-hop group, featured heavily in the game. Three of their tracks off of IV-"16 Men Till There's No Men Left", "Checkmate", and "Lightning Strikes", were included in the soundtrack, and there were instrumental versions of these as well. They also did some of the voiceovers in the game. Some of the spoken lines, especially by Kingpin himself, were copied from the film Pulp Fiction.

A sequel, supposedly titled Kingpin 2, was in development at Interplay years ago, but the company shut down soon after. Now that Interplay has come back in the last two years, there's still not much mentioned of the game. There is a petition which people have signed in order to have it developed.

You can pick up Kingpin if you want to play a classic.



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