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L4D The other day I was digging through my collection of games. I keep a list of of my games on my HD, and I was particularly interested in playing through some of the titles I hadn’t finished – or even installed.

Why I did this initially was because I kept reading about a website online called Backloggery, where you can list all the games you have, how many you’ve finished, and how many you haven’t. The only thing is that the site isn’t accepting any new registrations for now.

So I was forced to make one of my own. So I’m going through all of these titles, and I came across a few gems which I was surprised I hadn’t even played. One of these was Left 4 Dead. It was released in 2008. I bought it nearly two years ago, and I decided I would play it to see what all the fuss had been about for nearly the past two years.


               The messages on the wall are a nice touch. Reminds me of Digg.

It’s really designed to be a multiplayer game, but it’s fun enough playing on your own with a bunch of bots, despite the AI being a bit suspect most of the time. It’s not a bad game. Kind of hard even on the easier difficulty levels, but I’m getting the hang on it. The last standoff levels are insane. Having to last minutes which seem like hours fighting off endless hordes.

UPDATE: Finished most of the levels, apart from the last one on the first campaign, No Mercy. where you need to be rescued by a helicopter on a rooftop. Throw in waves of zombies, and more Tanks than you can handle and it’s anything but a picnic while admiring the view. Keep getting killed by the last Tank, trying to board the chopper.



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