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New Version of DarkXL Out

Console2 It’s been several months since the last build of this project called DarkXL, which is a source port project for Star Wars: Dark Forces, was released. It’s been quiet ever since. But business started to pick up last month, as regular posting began on the DarkXL website.

Now the 9.05 Build of DarkXL is out as of this week. Stuff to look forward to in here is working night vision, and less bugs, as well as the ability to get past level 3, finally. In fact, the 9.03 and 9.04 builds were only put out earlier this month as well.

I got back into playing Dark Forces about last month – the same time that Lucius, the guy working on the project, seemingly resurrected DarkXL after several months. There was a long gap between March and September where it was rather quiet. The last build before the the most recent three, 9.02, was released in February. Before the break it had been more consistent.

Anyway, if you’re looking to play this great, and rather unappreciated at times, game, then make sure to download the latest build and get playing.

Source: [DarkXL website]



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