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Chaos Kenridge Moving Next Month

Chaos Computers is the fastest rising computer and technology-orientated retail chain in the Cape. There are stores in Kenilworth, Cape Gate, and Parklands.

The store that started it all is in Kenridge, Durbanville. Initially it was located in a pokey room which used to be an apartment overlooking the local petrol station and shopping centre. But eventually the first floor was used for businesses instead, with the ground floor belonging to a car showroom. Slowly it expanded and incorporated the room next to it, and after that another room.

The last time I visited, the store was barely half the length of the Kenridge Computer Academy’s floor space. But that’s about to change, seeing as I read in the paper the other day that after all this time, they are going to be taking the leap and moving to another location.
Next month, on 1 September, Chaos Computers will be moving from Kenridge to Willowbridge Shopping Centre.

It’s a move that I anticipated long ago. I thought they would either end up going to Willowbridge, or Tyger Valley Shopping Centre – which is just across the main road. But there are all ready established computer stores in TV - like Computer Mania and CompuCity, which have been there for years. I think Willowbridge was a good idea in this regard seeing as there’s less competition.

The only thing is that seeing as Willowbridge is a more upmarket venue than before, I have doubts that the low prices that made Chaos so favourable in the past will still be adhered to. The rent of a bigger store in such a place, which is often frequented by tourists and the like, and considered by some to be more upmarket, may end up pushing up the prices.

Well, we’ll have to see. The Grand Opening of the new and improved store will take place on Friday, September 3, 2010.

Source: Chaos [via TygerBurger]


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