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Off Target: My Trip to The Strand

I wasn’t really feeling it today as far as blogging or writing goes. And here’s why. I woke up today and was asked straight away if I wanted to go with my bro to the strand. So I ended up being ready before him as usual, but we headed out at about 140 Kph to get to his site of work in time – only to find that the people that were supposed to be there were also late.

After about half an hour sitting and waiting we headed off the the beach front. The Strand is known for its warm waters due to the Pacific Ocean, but I didn’t dare venture in to the sea today seeing as we’re knocking on Winter’s door and it’s bloody cold and all. I took a few pictures though, including the old GB anchor symbol which my dad says stands for General Botha, painted on the mountainside. It’s still there after all these years.

Some say it stands for Gordon’s Bay. They’re wrong. Well, partially.

We headed over to the flea market afterwards where they were selling World Cup paraphernalia, naturally. They wanted R10 for a crummy little flag on a stick, but I guess you can forgive them seeing as they have to pay to rent the stalls.

Anyway, I ended up scoring a good deal and got an England flag for R30, which according to the guy who told the lady who sold it to me off, was worth more – probably about R50. And my brother got a UK flag for the same amount.

Hell, we had to put up with a lot vuvuzelas as well, which I hate. It’s one thing hearing it on the TV, but when the locals start blowing them a few feet away from you, it’s something else.

I went over to Steers after that where I got one of those rib burgers that they rave about on the TV all the time. It wasn't that great, but I was starving anyway because all I had for breakfast was this little cocktail roll with some lunch meat in it. I didn’t know they made rolls that small.

We then headed back to the site where my brother works to check that the boys hadn’t spent the money that were given to buy spades on KFC or something, and to see that they were working.
After that it was back home where I skipped supper, took a nice hot bath and went to bed again for a short kip, before waking up and going online. Back to the daily grind.


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