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If you had to Play One Game in Your life, What Would it be?

This was a question that was posed on the The Verge a while back before it went on this whole two month hiatus nonsense. If you had to play one game in your entire life, what would it be? That means ONE game, and that was the only game you ever got to play for some reason. Maybe you just weren’t that into gaming, or you died a premature death. Just use you imagination.

duke3d It’s a tough choice, but in my personal opinion, it would be Duke Nukem 3D. Why? Out of all the games I could choose, why DN3D?

Think about it: it was arguably one of the greatest shooters of the 90’s. It was technologically advanced for its time, and had interactivity that rivalled games to come for years – maybe even to this day.

Duke was also the first real character in a game, especially as far as FPSs go, that had any sort of personality as well. It wasn’t the first game to have vocals and that sort of thing, but Duke was the first I remember that actually talked and made comments and so on. And they were bad@ss ones too, even if they were copied from movies and other places.


                   Oh yeah – there were the strippers too. Weapon raised, indeed.

Yeah, some people hate the game or the character for those very reasons [like Bruce Campbell]: because it copied movies and games and so on. But I’ll admit that I probably hadn’t even seen most of those movies back then. I was young, and to me it was pretty original, ironically.

I’ve said before, and I’m not ashamed to say it either, that Duke was one of my childhood icons, alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Arnold Schwarzenegger (favourite wrestler and actor respectively), as well as others. Everyone had a favourite actor, and I would say Duke is one of my favourite video game characters of all time.


                             DN3D on EDuke32, with the HRP and Polymer

But you look at the game today, and you see it has one of the most dedicated fan communities out there. You see how they’ve made it look so much better with all the source port wizardry, and the High resolution textures, as well as numerous mods and maps that have been made for it. You just can’t help but be amazed.

I still play the game to this day – it’s just one of those games that I feel has had incredible longevity, even if it’s been given a makeover and a facelift. Playing with all those add-ons makes up for the sorry lack of a sequel [apart from Manhattan Project] – and we all know the story about what happened to Duke Nukem Forever.

There are numerous others that would have made the top ten list, but the one and only game that I could have played would probably have to be Duke Nukem 3D. Hail to the King, baby.

So, now’s your chance. If there was one game that you could have played in your entire life, what would it have been?



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