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Some Delicious Gaming Deals at Makro (SA Gaming)

For some time I had a feeling that the folks at LazyGamer were South African guys. The surnames of some of the writers gave me a clue, as well as the SA in the the LazySAgamer name in some posts. And the fact that there was a “” in the URL could have had something to do with the inkling I had too.

Well, I was right, and this post I noticed on there recently talked about some deals at Makro, which is essentially one big place where you can buy in bulk at cheap prices, kind of like the equivalent of  Wal-Mart, I guess.


Image courtesy of LazyGamer

At Makro you can get either Mass Effect 2 (PC) with a 4 pack of Red Bull, a Margherita oven pizza and a bar of Cadbury chocolate for R379, or BioShock 2 (PC), a 4 pack of Monster Energy Drink, a pizza and a bag of Willards cheese curls for $428. Both of these deals last until March 1, 2010, which will be next Monday.

As LG says, it’s a kind of deal that we haven’t really heard much about before when it comes to deals, but it makes sense I guess. Video games included in a combo deal including food. Can’t say I’ve seen that much before…

I mean, whole nut is my favourite kind of chocolate, and Ital pizza bases… I remember eating those years ago.


Source: [1] Makro [2] LazyGamer



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