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Codemasters’ new FPS called “Bodycount”

Recently, the creator of the game called Black, which actually had its 4th anniversary this week, Stuart Black, trashed most FPSs of today, calling them “F@cking boring”. No doubt he’s not going to be able to live down that comment for some time.

Now it seems as though a trademark filing for a game has surfaced, and Stuart Black is at the helm of it. It’s possible title is “Bodycount”. It will be reportedly be developed by Codemasters, the people behind Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

The game, whatever it’s called, will get exclusive coverage in the March issue of Official Playstation Magazine.

bc2 This is sort of unrelated, but does anybody remember that game called Operation Body Count, released in 1994? Could it be that this game is a sequel or remake of that game? You know reboots are all the rage nowadays…

I doubt it however. Nobody liked Operation Bodycount that much anyway. Some say it wasn’t even as good as Wolf 3D even though it used the same engine. I didn’t mind it that much.

Forget I said anything. Just rambling here.


Source: CVG [Computer and Video Games]



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