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Call of Duty 7: Vietnam Rumours Arise Once Again

I remember years ago it started off as a joke, or a wouldn’t it be cool? topic in gamer circles, but the rumours have persisted over and over, and now another one says that Treyarch, the guys behind World at War, will be the one to develop the next Call of Duty game, supposedly set in Vietnam – an infamous topic not only in real life, but in gaming too.

There have been attempts in the past to recreate events from one of the worst wars of the twentieth century – one that should have taught the US not to venture into territory that they don’t know, and that the enemy knows off the back of their hand.

The one I remember playing most recently would be Men of Valor by 2015 (the guys who made MoH: Allied Assault). It was praised by some, but I didn’t enjoy it much at all. There have been others like ShellShock and ShellShock 2 which failed miserably.

It certainly hasn’t been explored as much as World War II, in any case. But one thing that was mentioned in these rumours is that the title will basically just be based on Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, and Apocalypse Now – three Vietnam War movies that are often mentioned and sited as inspiration.

Another rumour to consider is that the game will come out in 2010. One wonder if there’ll be any zombies in this one.


Rumor: Call of Duty 7: Vietnam



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