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Jagged Alliance 3 Still in Development Hell, Possibly Cancelled

ja3-screen3 It’s been ten years since the release of Jagged Alliance 2, and for about half that time we’ve been waiting for Jagged Alliance 3.

The developer most recently said to be in charge of developing the title, Akella, is said to have stopped working on the game, originally according to a German website.

It has one of the most complicated development histories of almost any game. MiST Land South was the developer for the game, as well as Jagged Alliance 3D, before Akella eventually took over. It was headed for a Q1 2010 release until just recently. Strategy First, the publisher still has the rights to the game.

To tell the truth, I’d given up on ever seeing playing this game anyway.

Other similar titles to Jagged Alliance have popped up over the years, with some questioning a possible relation to the canonical series. These include, in addition to Jagged Alliance 3D and 3: African Alliance (cancelled), Brigade E5: New Jagged Union, and Hired Huns: The Jagged Edge. It appears that this latter game might be the original Jagged Alliance 3D. Much of the content was changed seeing as GFI had lost the rights to the Jagged Alliance IP. Notice how most of these titles either have “Jagged” or “Alliance” or a synonym for this in their titles, and have been published by the same companies.

The original developers and publishers of the first two games, SirTech, Madlab Software, and TalonSoft, closed down years ago.

At the moment I still have Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire on my PC, and I have JA 2 Gold as well as the original Jagged Alliance.


Jagged Alliance 3 Cancelled?



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