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The Death of Duke Nukem: An Article


It’s been the talk of the web lately: Wired wrote a piece the other day on the whole situation of 3D Realms and Duke Nukem Forever – an infamous topic that we’ve all talked about, got excited over, laughed at, forgotten, and eventually sneered at when the DNF team was let go this year in May.

Let’s be honest: there’s almost nothing we don’t know about this story, and although there might not be anything new here, as well as riddled with the words “fail” and “epic fail” – fanboy phrases which make me cringe, this article delves into the whole emotional side of it. And at one of those times of the year – Christmas, when we’re happy, and yet a little bit sad as we reflect on the past year. And let’s face it: it must have been a heart-breaking year for George Broussard of 3DR, because, as Wired put it, it might well have been the nail in the coffin for his greatest work. The greatest game never made. Duke Nukem Forever.


Learn to Let Go: How Success Killed Duke Nukem



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