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ZeniMax Acquires Rights to Prey: Prey 2 a Reality?

ZeniMax Media, who recently acquired id Software to add to their stable which also includes Bethesda, have now got the rights to Prey from Apogee, and have registered trademarks under different and almost all forms of media.

Now there is speculation as to who will work on the sequel to Prey which nobody has heard that much of. It was initially announced by Radar Group- a Scott Miller project, but there hasn't been that much news about it until now.

Wishful thinking has led to some to believe that id Software, busy working on Rage, which will probably be followed by Doom 4, will develop or have something to do with Prey 2, or perhaps Bethesda Softworks will. Others say that naturally the game will be delayed for even longer, but on the plus side, if Apogee sold the rights to ZeniMax, it may mean they have the funding to do something about the whole DNF situation.

Yes, we still care about Duke.

Prey used the id Tech 4 (Doom 3) engine when it came out back in 2006, and because of id belonging to ZeniMax, even if they don't work on the game, I'd say it's probably a safe bet to assume that Prey 2, whenever it comes out, will likely use the id Tech 5 engine (note: this is just my opinion, don't state it as fact).

I played the original Prey, developed by Humanhead, and I thought it was okay- maybe not brilliant though. I remember seeing a music video that had detailed a Prey deathmatch complete with wall and ceiling walking and all that stuff, playing to "(Can't You) Trip Like I Do" by The Crystal Method and Filter.

Yeah, that game was weird.


id Owner ZeniMax Obtains Prey Rights


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