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PAX Spells Doom for Gamers and Journos: Swine Flu

At PAX, or Penny Arcade Expo 2009, in Seattle, Washington this past weekend, something became a reality which was avoided, but put a damper on things at E3 earlier this year: Swine Flu.
Some people who attended, which includes a number of gaming journalists, developers, and enthusiasts among the over 60 000 people in total, are now infected.

Penny Arcade has a list on their site which details the flights from Seattle and the destinations, which contained infected people. It looks as though the United States will now experience the epidemic more so than in recent months. North America all ready has the second highest death toll behind South America.

This is what Penny Arcade had to say:

"Just heard of our first test-confirmed swine flu case at the show. PLEASE if you feel symptoms (fever, etc) go to the doctor."

"This is the real thing. If you get this number of people together in this close a proximity it is the perfect storm for these kind of wild fire virus spreads. We just want to make sure everyone is informed."

On a lighter note, Giantbomb is now referring to Swine Flu as E1M1, instead of H1N1, named after the first level of Doom, titled "Hangar". According to them, 60% percent of their office is infected.

People have survived Swine Flu, but there have been deaths, make no mistake. If you have the symptoms of the disease, which can be learned about here, then see a doctor.

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