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The HUNT Returns: Apogee has Plans for Rise of the Triad 2

The HUNT Returns?

There was something interesting that I read on bigdownload recently. Scott Miller of 3D Realms was saying in an interview with Gamasutra that there may be plans for another Rise of the Triad game sometime in the future.

3D Realms is a smaller company now after the DNF team left, and not to mention the whole court situation with evil publisher Take-Two.

Miller says that there are about a dozen projects that he has up his sleeve, and that the revived company, Apogee LLC, will be "rebooting" the Rise of the Triad franchise, which mainly consists of Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins- the shareware version, Rise of the Triad: Dark War, and Extreme Rise of the Triad, as well as other level packs and such that are freeware on the internet. There haven't been any sequels to the game in nearly 15 years, and since so many games have received reboots or sequels, like Doom (Doom 3), Duke Nukem (DNF- haven't received it yet, but anyway), and recently, Wolfenstein 3D (Wolfenstein), I think it's about time that ROTT gets the attention it never had.

Now all we need is a another Shadow Warrior and Blood, please.

This was Scott Miller in ROTT. He played the part of this character, the Strike Patrol.


Rise of the Triad revival coming?
Feature: '20 Years Of Evolution - Scott Miller And 3D Realms'



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