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Bethesda Speaks, People Don't Listen...Properly

Bethesda was misquoted the other day at QuakeCon when many people were lead to believe that it was said that there will not be another Elder Scrolls game in the future. Bethesda responded by commenting on their blog by basically saying "never say never, and we didn't".
There are also rumours now of an Elder Scrolls MMO, similar to World of Warcraft, presumably.

Do you really think Bethesda would drop one of their most successful franchises, next to Fallout 3? Come on.

Speaking of which, Bethesda is claiming that Mothership Zeta will be the last DLC pack for the game, and that five is enough, but then again, never say never I suppose. Of course it won't be the end of the Fallout games, as there's still Fallout: New Vegas- by Obsidian.

Bethesda's new step-sister, id Software, says that their Fallout 3, otherwise known as the hotly anticipated Rage, which will be released next year, will not feature monster-closets, a gimmick featured in Doom 3 a hell of a lot (get it?).

id also says that Doom 4 will not have much talk until next year, once Rage is out, likely.


Bethesda: No More Fallout 3 DLC
Bethesda: Of course there’s going to be an Elder Scrolls V - eventually
id: No More Monster Closets, Promise! [Id]



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