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Claims of Racism Against Left 4 Dead 2

Lately there's been an accusation by a blogger that Left 4 Dead 2, or L4D2, is racist or contains racism, due to the fact that there are black zombies that must be gunned down, and is offensive in other ways because it takes place in New Orleans, the place which experienced the brunt of hurricane Katrina.

Now the last time I heard something like this was when someone else said that Resident Evil 5, another zombie-shooter, was racist because of a lot of black zombies.

That game was set in Africa, and it was just being demographically correct, in my opinion.

This is what they should do- make zombies grey. Make it so that they lose all the colour of their flesh because of some sort of pigmentation alteration. Then they aren't white, black, brown, yellow, or red and nobody can complain.

That's it- make them grey...and green.

Sources and Resources:
Valve Resonds To Left 4 Dead 2 Racism Accusation
Valve: L4D2 Racism Claims 'Utter Insanity'
Report: Video Games Do Not Accurately Represent Minorities


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