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Apocalypse Then: Doom 3

Developers: id Software, Splash Damage(multiplayer), Vicarious Visions (Xbox version), Aspyr Media (Mac OS X version)
Publisher: Activision
Distributors: Activision (retail), Steam (online)
Series: Doom
Engine: id Tech 4
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Xbox
Original release date: August 3, 2004
Genres: First-person shooter

On this day in gaming, in 2004 , Doom 3 was released.

Doom 3 is essentially a remake, or reboot of the Doom series, ignoring what happened in the original games and placing the player, who once again takes the part of an anonymous space marine, at the very beginning, before the events which lead to the invasion of the Mars facility from Hell takes place.

While the plot is different from the original (which some argue had no real plot besides killing the game’s many enemies), there are things that made it into this game, such as the weapons , including the BFG 9000, and the enemies, except a lot of these look different than in the original series (Doom, Doom II). Final Doom is more of an addon or big expansion pack.

Resurrection of Evil is the expansion to Doom 3, and put the player in the role of another character, this time a combat engineer, who discovers the Hell stone, an artifact from Hell, and must return it here to destroy it.

The expansion includes new weapons like the grabber and the double-barreled shotgun, as well as new enemies an boss creatures.

You’ll notice in this game, once you get the Grabber weapon that it’s very similar to the Gravity Gun or Physics Cannon from Half-Life 2 and the Half-Life 2: Episodes series (rarely called Aftermath, collectively).

Doom 3


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