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Mystery Duke Begins Dev Revealed, More DNF Screens

It turns out that the dev behind Duke Begins, the prequel to DNF, is Gearbox Software, and not 2K Games as was once widely believed, and even stated by 3DR.

They are good devs, but somehow their games just have that "rough" feeling to me. That game wouldn't have had the amount of polish, and certainly not the amount of time put into it as DNF. It was supposed to be released in 2010, and development started sometime in 2007, I believe.

At the moment, it's being debated whether the game has actually been cancelled, or just put on hold for the moment.

And there's more DNF screens, despite the request from Take-Two for a restraining order that would prevent 3DR from releasing more material. I think that request was denied by the court anyway. Both depict the battlelord- one a view from the front, the other the back.


3D Realms Still Releasing DNF Screenshots
'Duke Begins' Developer Outed in DNF Docs


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