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Another Mortal Kombat Film

And now for a title that we're all familiar with- Mortal Kombat.

Just after the recent trouble over at Midway, the director of the next Mortal Kombat film has cried foul and wants compensation by suing Midway.

That has however, confirmed the rumours that have been circulating about a third Mortal Kombat film. Chris Casamassa, the actor who took the part of Scorpion in the original, has also said he will take the part in this film as well.

Apparently this Casamassa guy is an eighth dan black belt in Karate. I had a geography teacher who was only a sixth dan in Judo. eek

I suppose we're all wondering why they should bother with another MK film since the second one tanked, but it is an opportune time seeing as Midway is practically gone as far as I know, bought by Warner Bros. and the continuation of the video game series is unknown.


Rumor: Third Mortal Kombat Film In Development


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