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All Hail the King: Duke Nukem Returns?

So, I read this just now on on Scott Miller's facebook page, he stated apparently, "If you haven’t heard, he took a little break, but is back in the game now."
And got this from skewed& reviewed.

This was in reply to a question about now being able to add Duke Nukem as a friend. Somebody joked that Duke Nukem was too busy to join.

One has to wonder what exactly this means. There have been rumours that 3DR is still working on Duke Nukem Forever, partly confirmed by press releases, regardless of the legal trouble that they're facing nowadays.

It could also refer to the other Duke Nukem games coming to iPhone.

Or perhaps Scott Miller thinks he's Duke Nukem now, and he just came back from having lunch.

Anyway, some new screens, seemingly from DNF- a picture of the cycloid emporer and the battlelord, as well as two concept art pieces, have been released.


Is the King Back in Action?



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