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Former 3D Realms Employee Finds a New Job, and Other Stuff about DNF

It seems that Tramell Isaac, former art director of 3D Realms and part of the team working on Duke Nukem Forever, has finally found a job!

He's also started posting a series called "The Wild Ride", which is all about his experience at 3D Realms.

In other news, the legal battle between 3D Realms and Take-Two has gotten dirtier, seeing as T2 claims that 3D Realms has an offshore bank account, which Scott Mi11er has denied.

Still more on DNF, apparently more in-game footage of Duke Nukem Forever has surfaced recently.


Talkin' Real At Ya'
The Wild Ride- Part I
The Wild Ride Part II
Duke Nukem Forever Court Documents Reveal Allegations of Offshore Banking Hijinks
More Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Footage



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