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Current Gaming Trends: Gaming Diaries, Names, and the Nameless

Gaming diaries are apparently all the rage now, as Robin Burkinshaw has proved with her Sims 3 Chronicles about Alice and and Kev- two homeless sims trying to make it in a city that doesn't want them.

Alec Meer from RPS wants to start his own as well, with A Fool In Morrowind: Précis. He claims that Morrowind is better than Oblivion and that's why he's using it.

There's also
Tom Francis’ Galactic Civilizations II bible.

In other news, if you've ever wondered what to call your newborn baby or what names of the future will sound like, then look to video games, since one man recently named his child "Garrett"- after Garrett, the protagonist from the Thief series. He claims that he didn't do it on purpose and that it just kind of "happened". Yeah right. This is the same guy who is involved in all things Thief, like the Keep of Metal and Gold, The Shadow Dark Keep, and is a member of TTLG and the Dark Mod forums, among probably many others. You'll probably find upon further investigation that his pets are named Benny and Blackjack.

It seems that someone finally discovered the name of a prolific voice actor who has worked on many games, including Uncharted 1 and 2 and Assassin's Creed, as well as TV shows and Animations. His name is Nolan North, now being given the moniker, "Mr. Video Game Voiceover". Let's hope that there's more recognition for voice artists in future, as they make the game more real than just about anything sometimes, just like Stephen Russell from Thief, who has quite a cult following, or Jon St.John (Duke Nukem).

Welcome, young Garrett (for real) - Congrats Komag!



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