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The Dark Mod gets Another Update

There's been some big updates over at the Dark Mod website- new screenshots, a new video, and a post about how the team are definitely trying to aim for a 2009 beta release for this Thief-inspired mod for Doom 3.

The screen here shows an in-game model of a real life building

Here's more techno-babble from the guys there:

"Progress continues towards getting TDM ready for a 2009 beta release. Fidcal has been working to set up movable/droppable objects so that the noise alerts AI; while you can quietly set things down, if you drop a vase on a stone floor AI will certainly notice.

Angua has implemented blood decals that alert AI and can be washed away with water arrows. Ishtvan continues to fine tune combat and has also added the ability to "moss" glass with moss arrows so that it can be broken quietly.

We also had an internal map contest, to see what mappers could produce in about a month. The result has been four or five very cool little missions, including a very Thiefy sequel to 'Thief's Den' by Fidcal. These missions (plus a few others, hopefully) will provide players with lots of stealth fun when the mod is released. Flanders has also been working on a beautiful training map, where players can learn all the new features TDM offers.

There are a few new screenshots of various maps for you to see on the screenshots page. As well, we have a new video. It is an example from a map in progress, by Mortem Desino, that demonstrates a few TDM features in action, including a (strange) example of custom conversations."


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