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Google Street View Stopped in its Tracks

I read a funny article in the Techno Times recently which originally appeared in the Daily Mail. 

Google’s Street View car, a black Opel Astra, was on a mission in Broughton, Buckinghamshire- its intention, to photograph the majority of Great Britain’s roads with its 360-degree rotating camera fixed on a pole on top of the roof. A resident of the village named Paul Jacobs dashed outside and told the driver that he was not allowed to carry on driving down the road. After calling the fuzz, he then gathered his neighbours and they all formed a human barrier, forcing the car to get out of dodge. Mr. Jacobs reasoning for his hasty actions was that “Street View is a burglar’s dream”, with the ability to see all around a neighbourhood and plan their activities without necessarily having to scope the place out in real life. They could just do it online. He makes sense.

So the next time a car comes cruising down your street with a pole and a camera sticking on top of it, be assured that it’s Google, and not some amateur pornographers trying to get a view inside your bedroom window. 



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