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Commander Shephard Dies in Mass Effect 2

I’ve seen the trailer for Mass Effect 2, and it shows a few details of the protagonist from Mass Effect, Commander Shepard. Just when you’re about to be bored to tears with all his/her achievements flashing across the screen, it shows a part of his/her body with a Geth trooper standing over him/her.

Now, some have said not to rush to conclusions, and it might mean that Shepard dies in a metaphorical sense, as all the little gamers cry into their hankies and whimper, “Say it ain’t so!” Shepard is such a generic name anyway- good riddance, I say.

So, it’s been suggested that Shepard may die physically or in a more metaphorical sense. How many ways can Shepard be killed? Let’s see…

• Gets killed by one of those tin cans known as the Geth (the most obvious one).
• Dies during a prolonged elevator ride (they say that this has been fixed in Mass Effect 2; we’ll see).
• Gets massacred after his/her two stupid AI buddies get incapacitated.
• Accidentally gets wiped out by one of the team member’s biotic powers.
• Accidentally wipes him/herself out with biotic powers.
• Dies after a long drop in the APC while traveling across a planet’s surface.
• Gets blown up inside APC that enemies can’t possibly miss, even with spitwads.
• Dies after his/her oxygen supply runs out while trying to hack a container…again.
• Dies during impossibly long conversation with one of the boring inhabitants of a planet.
• Sentenced to death after assaulting said inhabitant because of his/her impatience.
• Killed during conversation for asking too many questions.
• Kills him/herself after gender confusion/ identity crisis.
• Killed by exploding container just randomly lying around.
• Starves to death due to absence of edible food or drink anywhere.
• Mentally assassinated by an Asari.
• Gets whacked after borrowing money from a loan shark to pay ridiculous prices for decent armor and weaponry, and not paying said loan shark back.
• Gets lost and dies of exhaustion while running endlessly, trying to find his/her way.
• Dies of exhaustion while running endlessly.
• Killed after being stalked by disgruntled fan.
• Normandy crashes and blows up after cocky pilot Joker tries to steer ship with his feet.
• Shepard only dreams that he/she dies.
• Death is just a marketing ploy, and Shepard doesn’t really die in the game.


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