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Where are the stars now: Doomguy

Doomguy is the protagonist from the Doom games.

He first appeared in the shareware version of Doom, and fought through the demonic invasion on Phobos, a moon of Mars, in “Knee-Deep in the Dead”. Later on, he was seen battling it out in what was left of the Deimos labs in “Shores of Hell”. After this he ventured into hell, in “Inferno”, and finished the job. When The Ultimate Doom came out, he had to go back and take care of some unfinished business in “Thy Flesh Consumed”.

In Doom II: Hell on Earth, Doomguy had to save the earth from another hellish invasion, and was supposedly the last human on earth as all the others had left and gone into space, while he was fighting off the demons. He was alone for a few years with nobody to talk to, and claims that this might have been one of the contributors towards his ill mental health in later years.

He was disappointed in the fact that Doom II had barely any new graphics or technology, although he claimed that the level design was better than the original’s.

In Final Doom, he had to endure another 64 levels of torment and pain, as he battled through TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment. He shared somewhat in the anger expressed by fans towards the fact that TNT: Evilution was supposed to be a free expansion pack for Doom II.

“Once again, there were virtually no new textures, graphics, enemies or anything. It was boring. Did you know that these two bundled mega-episodes were done by other people, and id claims the credit? Pfft.”

After having gone through the events of Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom, he had to go and see a psychiatrist due to suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

He has made comments about his space marine uniform from the games, “Look at this [points to scar on his stomach]. That uniform was basically just a helmet and body armour that only covered my chest. They left a huge gap where my stomach is and I’ve got this scar from some demon nearly ripping it open.”

As for appearing in Duke Nukem 3D, he said that it was such a small role and he was happy to get out of there as quickly as he could. "Just another Doom clone", he says.

He was apparently glad that he did not have to take part in Doom 64. “The fans didn’t like it anyway. It goes to show that when you don’t use the star, it’s not the same. You could tell it wasn't me because his uniform was different.”

He made an appearance, but rather unwillingly, in id’s game, Quake III. He claims that he was the star of Doom and not Quake, and has never liked the Quake series of games. He describes the Strogg from Quake II as ‘pansies’ compared to the demons from Doom, and goes on to say that, although frightening, they obviously copied their look from the Cyberdemon, who he has a lot of respect for, having faced off against him many times in the past.

“With all due respect to the space marines who went to Stroggos and all, Quake II and Quake IV could easily pass for Doom games. Doom also took place in basically the same place, and I had the same objectives as they did.”

He and Bitterman from Quake II traded war stories when they weren’t fragging each other and everyone else in Quake III.

“We have a lot in common. We were both sent to a strange planet, where we were left all alone, and had to face off against almost insurmountable odds. We were also never the same again afterwards.”

When asked about some of the others who appeared in Q3A, he says, “Who was that Phobos guy anyway? He wasn’t even wearing the proper space marine uniform. Oh, I remember him! He was the guy on the cover of The Ultimate Doom doing a balancing act on a rock. Big help he was. He was even named after the moon of mars; how unoriginal.”

It was noted in Quake III, that Doomguy seemed to suffer from some sort of schizophrenia as well as PTSD, claiming that he had voices or demons in his head. He considered the possibility that he was possessed and saw an exorcist, as well as continuing to see his therapist.

Nowadays, Doomguy is taking the vacation that he needs, now that id found another star for Doom III and the
upcoming Doom IV.

“Everyone knows that they are not the same person, as I have brown hair and New Doomguy has black hair. I also have a stronger physique. You still get people out there who ask, though.”

As regards the Doom movie that came out in 2005, he said, “Oh God…” [shakes his head] “Total cash-in, and I’m glad it was more Doom III than Doom or Doom II, as I had nothing to do with Doom III.”

Doomguy relaxes in his trailer home, which is actually a big escape pod from outer orbit that crashed down on to earth, and keeps pet rabbits. He still sees his therapist from time to time, and is constantly using medication and alcohol to relax and forget things from the past. He has trouble sleeping, with perpetual nightmares. Just in case, he keeps his double-barreled shotgun under the bed.

When asked if he was scared of death, he says, “Look, I’ve been to hell and back, and as far as I know, there’s nobody left down there anyway- I killed them all. It’s damn hot down there though, I’ll tell you.”

When asked if he would ever star in another Doom game, he clutches his pet bunny tightly and replies, “Hell no.”

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