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50 Cent- is he worth it?

Just look at the new game that stars 50 Cent, Blood on the Sand, and ask yourself, “Who does this guy think he is?”

This guy is a rapper, and in my opinion he’s not really any good at that. Now he thinks he’s some sort of soldier or something, pitting himself up against the ‘forces of evil’, while in reality, he’s up in the penthouse sipping cristal and eating KFC. That’s called ‘delusions of grandeur’.

In this latest sham, “Fiddy” and the rest of his g-unit thugs go to a fictional Middle Eastern country and proceed to kick ass.

Sorry to tell you this, guys, but in reality it would most likely be the other way around. Just look at how the whole American army got theirs handed to them. Just because you grew up on the streets doesn’t prepare you or even qualify you for taking on ‘Middle Eastern people’ in their territory.

We can only really laugh at this sort of haughtiness and tough-guy attitude. I do. When I saw the trailer for this game, I just thought, “Oh god, not this again.”

He, amongst many other rappers, has such a large ego and like the title of his previous foray into videogames, Bulletproof, thinks he’s invincible.

Apparently 50 Cent was shot nine times and stabbed, and he survived. It makes you wish someone finished the job, so we’d be spared this trash. Stick to what your good…or, average at.

In addition to this ridiculous plot about trekking all the way to the desert I mentioned above, he has to look for some crystal skull, and this sounds a lot like something we’ve seen before - like the latest Indiana Jones movie.



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