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The Backloggery is Back!

If there’s one website I’ve been looking to sign up on for nearly a year, it’s Backloggery. Here, once registered, you can enter in all the games you’ve ever played, and divide them up into sections such as: ones you’ve beaten (or clocked); ones you haven’t finished; and ones you’ve completed to 100%, or mastered entirely.

Last year I wanted to join, but the webmaster talked about having some sort of arm injury and the site has been down for nearly a year. Then there were other issues this year like an underactive thyroid that plagued him too. Real life – figures.

But June 3rd marked the return of Backloggery, and I joined on pretty much the first day it was back online. I had other issues to deal with on my end though, like reformatting my HDD, so I’m only just now getting stuck into the whole affair of entering in all the games I have.

There’s been several improvements to the website, including a total makeover, if you’ve followed the Backloggery blog (Changeloggery) and public registration is now open once again to all. There were some server issues and the like for several months, and public registration was closed, but there was definitely talk of registration by invite at one point.

So I for instance can take my big list of games and go about entering them all into the appropriate categories – why, because I like filling things out like surveys and that sort of thing. But also because I love playing video games.

Source: Registration will open: June 3 (Changeloggery)


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