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NAG May 2011 Issue out This Week

This Thursday, the 28th of May, sees the release of the latest issue of NAG – SA’s premier (and one of only a few) gaming magazines.

So what’s in store for us this time? Like last issue was the Duke Nukem issue, this one is going with a whole Tomb Raider theme, and that is the cover feature. Inside there’s a preview feature as well as two interviews if you’re interested in reading, and not gawking at Lara Croft. In fact, nobody except possibly some people at NAG, and probably Crystal Dynamics, know what the cover looks like. There wasn’t one on the website – and therefore there’s no preview image here: because there’s an embargo on the cover image. First game reviews, and now magazine covers…

There’s also some previews on titles such as Portal 2 - now released in the real world, as well as Red Faction: Armageddon – a game inspired by Dead Space if I ever saw one.

The reviews section has a lot of hot new games, like Crysis 2 (played it – awesome!), Dragon Age II, Homefront, and The Sims: Medieval.

As for the DVD, I see that three of my suggestions made it onto this month’s issue. One of them is Red Eclipse – a game featured in one of my "Web’s Worthy Downloads” posts. The other is the Dragon Age II HRP (or high resolution texture pack). Oh, and there’s a Torchlight demo on there too. I suggested all of those in the May DVD suggestion thread on the NAG forums… I think.

Speaking of which, now that the May issue is out, the June DVD suggestion thread is now open. Check for all necessary links below the post.


NAG May 2011 issue

[NAG] May 2011 issue

[DVD] June DVD suggestion thread



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