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NAG April 2011 Issue Out This Week

Like NAG has printed proudly on the post on their website: it’s the birthday issue this month. NAG has been around for thirteen years. NAG is officially a teenager now!

You might notice a redesign of the magazine this issue - apparently this happens every year. Not to mention that NAG online has had a new lick of paint done as well. And the new look is going down much better than some other new sites that tried the same thing recently.

As you can see by the cover, Duke Nukem Forever features heavily in this issue. Miktar Dracon even attended the T*tty City event in Las Vegas a while back, so there’s much to report on there.
I was just having a look over on the forums, and the general consensus is that this is one of the best covers ever featured on NAG magazine – perhaps bar the white birthday issue from a few years back. I think this might well be better than that, though.

Pippa Tshabalala, who has taken a beak from hosting the shows on DSTV - The Verge and PlayR – also has a column in this issue. I wouldn’t say this is really the reason why she took a break from the show, but I am hoping that she makes it back, sooner rather than later. Having to put up with Thomas Gumede for the past month….

There’s not much that catches the eye when it comes to content inside the magazine (apart from Duke Nukem Forever), unless you count a review of the crazy Bulletstorm.
One thing I noticed is that the contents on the DVD are not listed in the PDF which you’ll find on the website. So you’ll have to wait until you buy it to see what’s on it. Sucks.

Oh, and while you’re at it, you might want to have a look at the brand new NAG Facebook page. Yes, there’s all ready an existing group on Facebook, but from what I’ve read, the group’s content will slowly be migrated over to the new page. Don’t know what all this is in aid of, but another new thing to check out.

NAG April 2011 issue
[NAG] April 2011 issue


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