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Pippa Taking a Break From The Verge

Pippa Tshabalala has been hosting the show known as The Verge for over the past two years now as far as I can recall, even though I only really started watching sometime in 2009. The show in it’s original form began in December 2008.

The Verge made a return in January 2011 after going on another break over the Christmas holidays. This was the second break The Verge had taken in about six months or so. The previous one was a break from June until August 2010.

But now just when the show has been on for just over a month again, Pippa said on last Wednesday night’s episode that she is leaving for a spell, soon – some say for two months. This means obviously that she won’t host The Verge or PlayR. On a side note she claimed that she would also be writing a column for NAG magazine soon, the first of which would appear in the birthday issue of NAG next month.

But Pippa said that there would be a replacement host on the shows for next several weeks. There I was, praying to a god who may or may not exist, that it isn’t Mo. PLEASE. Thankfully it isn’t. But it is someone else. And when I saw who it was, I cringed.

In the past there have been some rather pitiful attempts by the public to audition for a spot as a host on The Verge. And now it seems I’ve found the reason why this was being done. Pippa might only be leaving on a short break, but in the future, who knows, it might be more permanent.

Anyway, back to the substitute here. Pippa says that he has some crazy gaming skills, and for some reason I was expecting, in a cruel twist of irony, to see Michael James of NAG magazine to pop up on the screen. But it wasn’t. It’s a guy who is actually more obnoxious and irritating, and even unfunnier than Siya, and the entire Crème Cartel on Vuzu. I couldn’t believe it.

This guy, Thomas Gumede, will be hosting the show. Watch the promo to see exactly why some think that this will be the downfall of the show. The lunatics are running the asylum…

I think I saw him on the show at one stage playing on an Asus laptop, and when Pippa was asking him what the game was like and all (CoD: Black Ops, I think), he didn’t even know what to say. And they expect this guy to host the show?

I wish we could get some better shows on gaming here. Ginx Files and GameFace turned out to be a bit disappointing. What about G4TV in the states? Is that any good?

I kind of wish that it’s some sort of cruel joke or that it’s all a dream. It’s times like this when I really, really miss Cybernet.


Source: The Verge



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