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NAG January 2011 Issue Out This Week

You’d expect the last issue of NAG of the year to arrive on the last Thursday of not only the month, but the year – which would be the 30th of December. But it isn’t coming on that date. It’s coming this week instead – on Christmas Eve in fact! Yes, on the 24th of December, as usual NAG will arrive just before Christmas day.
Looking at the write-up on the site and in the contents, I can can tell you that the issue will feature the likes of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (good) and Fallout: New Vegas (great), as well as some other game like the new Need For Speed (meh), and James Bond: Blood Stone (lol).

Worthwhile stuff on the DVD includes System Shock Portable v 1.2 – suggested by yours truly months back. What SSP is, is a launcher or port of sorts for modern systems to run System Shock, the classic game from 1994, and prequel to its perhaps more well-known sequel: System Shock 2. SSP comes packed with the game itself too, seeing as it’s abandonware and it’s okay to distribute that sort of thing (sarcasm). There’s also a free game by the name of Trials: Legends. Trials is a motocross title similar to the likes of Elastomania, but much better looking.

Then, there’s the usual hundreds of videos on there too – but you’d know this by now if you buy the magazine regularly. I tried to decipher some of the other stuff that was on the Cover DVD by looking at the contents PDF, but it looks really sh!te for some reason. I can hardly read it.

By the way, the February Issue DVD suggestion thread is now open as well. So if there’s something you want to see on the next DVD, then post it there. You have to register though.

NAG January 2011 issue
[NAG] January 2011 issue
[DVD] February DVD Suggestion Thread


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