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Now Playing - Fallout: New Vegas

FNVDespite the mixed reviews, the other day I purchased Fallout: New Vegas.

There was no way I was going to pass on it. I was interested in it whenever I saw pictures or watched a trailer of it.

This game, despite looking as though it could probably have been just nothing more than a mod for Fallout 3, was handled by Obsidian – a studio which consists of several guys who worked on the original Fallout games. The game goes back to the west coast this time, and takes place mainly in the Mojave, with locales such as what remains of Las Vegas being the main attraction. But, unlike Washington DC, the place seems to have been spared the same level of destruction. The surrounding towns though are a different story.

In my opinion, FNV is even more atmospheric than Fallout 3, and there are several little improvements and additions this time around. Of course, there are a number of bugs too – but luckily a have a couple of patches to help sort this out. Nevertheless, even then, I’ve come across a few annoying ones – mainly surrounding the companions.


In addition to the companions, you have other useful things such as a reloading bench where you can break down and make ammo, as well as campfires which help you create edible food stuffs from things you find out in the desert.

And the best part is you have more guns! And there’s quite a selection too: from the .357 Magnum, to the Service Rifle (M16), as well as numerous others. I was rather chuffed to see that there are now 9mm weapons, including a pistol to replace that horrid looking 10mm one, which still exists in this game. I just don’t want to use it.

Overall, I’m enjoying it so far. Great characters and missions in the game, and it really feels like the Wild West at times. Some people love FNV, and others hate it. I would fall in to the first camp. Despite its faults, I find it immensely enjoyable.



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