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September 2010 Issue of NAG out This Week

It’s nearly that time again. Yeah, last Thursday of the month. And that means NAG time! The post detailing it over at NAG Online was up early this time.

As you can see, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II gets the cover, and should also get an award for one of the longest video game titles in recent memory. It makes Rage a great pleasure to type in comparison.
Previews include Dead Rising 2, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (there’s a review of it in the Techno Times supplement that comes with the Cape Times – it turns out it ain’t that good, just average). There’s also a look at Portal 2, Fable III, which will be hitting the PC this time too, and Killzone 3.

Reviews don’t seem to have anything special apart a feature review on StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Cracking game that. I’m playing it right now.

The Cover DVD has a demo of Kane & Lynch 2 on it (my brother all ready bought the game – I’ll have to ask him if it’s worth a try). It also says there on the contents page that there are 11 Free games, and of course the videos. All 200 of them. Well, it’s not that many – about 153 at least – but close enough.
Source: [NAG Online]


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