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NAG Magazine August 2010 Issue Out This Week

Thursday the 29th of July sees the August 2010 issue of NAG magazine arrive in stores.
Worthwhile features in the mag will be previews of top games that are due out within the next several months including Mafia II, Medal of Honor, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Red Faction: Armageddon. Also, Bulletstorm gets the nod as the cover feature seeing as everybody’s raving about this new and improved FPS set to redefine the genre. Whether it does or not will have to be seen.

Reviews include that of Singularity, Raven’s latest title, as well as Alpha Protocol and Dead to Rights Retribution. Shadow! Awww!

There’s also a look at The Silver Lining: Episode 1, part one in episodic series of the fan-made project based in the same universe as the King’s Quest series. I’ve all ready read a rather scathing review of it on NAG Online, written by Tarryn Van Der Byl, NAG’s resident freaky Goth chick. It was less than complimentary as I’ve just mentioned, but then again, she likely doesn’t like a lot of things in life. I don’t know when NAG will put the game on the DVD if ever, seeing as it is supposed to be free, isn’t it? Activision wouldn’t allow them to make a profit off of it, surely. They tried to shut the project down at one point.

The Cover DVD has demos of Mass Effect 2, which came out in January all ready, as well as Sniper: Ghost Warrior – the first game which focuses heavily on sniping that I think I’ve ever taken an interest in, although there are no doubt others. No new drivers or patches, but there are the usual videos – 145 of them. This is the E3 issue you see, so plenty of footage from that event. The July issues of the past used to have all the E3 stuff but this year is different. Some extras on the DVD include music from the unreleased Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the usual odd stuff.
Source: NAG Online


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