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September is Megadeth Month

Why is this? Well, today is metal legend Dave Mustaine's birthday. And as you should know, he is the frontman, lead singer, and guitarist for one of the big four in thrash metal: Megadeth. He turns 48 today.

And I'm not stopping there.

Today is also remembered due to the fact that the Dawson College shooting took place on this day in 2006. The perpetrator, Kimveer Singh Gill, claimed that the song "A Tout le Monde", inspired him to carry out the act, and he allegedly planned for it to take place on Dave's birthday. And he was also a big fan of video games, I should add, which the media took notice of.

Perhaps this was also intentional, but over the years, a few of Megadeth's albums, including one of their best, Rust in Peace, 2004's "return to form", The System Has Failed, and their soon to be released latest album, Endgame, have all been released in September.That's three of their twelve studio albums.

And not to mention their compilation, Anthology: Set the World Afire was also released in September.

If you look at the dates like this:

September 13
Dave Mustaine's birthday
September 14
The System Has Failed
September 15

Pretty cool, huh? So Close! Maybe one day they'll get an album released right on Dave's birthday.

Endgame should be out this week- the date is said to be the 15th of September. So far people who have listened to the streaming versions on the net (Megadeth's MySpace page) are comparing it to Metallica's Death Magnetic of last year, and they say it's better...more or less.


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