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Ultimate Unofficial Duke Nukem Forever Media Collection

A few months back, after the whole 3D Realms situation, where people though that the company had closed but had actually just let go of the DNF development team, lots of content started to leak onto the internet- a hell of a lot more than had been revealed in twelve years.

If you want to find all of that stuff in one place, then has it- their Unofficial DNF Media Collection. The page consists of links to all of the posts which dealt with the unfolding situation, instead of one big page with stuff that would likely take way too long to load, and be very messy. You can also download the entire collection in a zip file if you don't yet have any of it (it's 164 MB).

Pretty cool! biggrin

By the way, the links to Scott Miller's Facebook page, RealDukeNukem, don't work anymore, which may mean that the page has been taken down- no surprise there.

Unofficial DNF Media Collection


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