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Actor's Ring Name in TV Show Borrowed from Fallout 3

See a resemblance?

I saw something interesting the other night. It was on ECW, the wrestling show. Yes, I do watch it from time to time in the background while I'm busy blogging or doing something else online.
In fact, I have a blog about WWE and all the crazy things that go on.

They had this guy come into the ring and host a interview show sort of like Oprah or something. He looked so ridiculous because his head was shining all over- maybe it was the grease or whatever this guy dunks his head in, and his hairline looked as though it had been drawn with a pencil and filled in with some spray or something.

Anyway, that wasn't the funniest bit. In an attempt to make his dorky looking (and sounding) character have more personality, they gave him a name- Abraham Washington. Not only is this made up of two of America's most famous presidents- George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, but it's also the name of a character from Fallout 3.

If you've played the game, and you travelled to Rivet City, chances are you would have bumped into an old white guy, the curator of the museum aboard that aircraft carrier. His name is the same- Abraham Washington.

I wonder if it's just coincidence, or if one of their writers is a big fan of the game? Maybe he's a fan of the game. It says that he's going for a presidential-like character. In any case, I prefer the old Abraham Washington guy from F3 to this tw@t.

At least it's not as bad as some of his other ring names, like Abraham Obama Washington, or
Abraham Saddam Washington!eek

The guy's real name is Brian Jossie.


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