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Apocalypse Then: D-Day

Today is the 65th anniversary of D-Day, or Operation Overlord or Operation Neptune, which took place in World War II on the date of June 6, 1944. It was the biggest amphibious assault in history, and had the Allies, which included the Americans, British, and Canadian forces, storm the beaches of Normandy on that morning and invade France and neutralize the occupying German forces.

Omaha beach, where US troops landed, is considered to be the most heavily defended and horrific of all five beaches- the others being Utah (US), Gold and Sword (UK) and Juno (Canada). The landing at Omaha beach, and D-Day in general has been documented and recreated in many different types of media, such as books, films, and video games. The most notable film is likely Saving Private Ryan, directed by Steven Spielberg, which won numerous awards, and has been voted as one of the most memorable films of all time by many. Other films or series that have something to with D-Day or the invasion of Normandy include Band of Brothers.

The most notable series of video games would be Medal of Honor, particularly Allied Assault, which let the player take part in the landing at Omaha beach as a US Army 2nd Ranger Lieutenant and OSS operative, namely Mike Powell. This game is considered a close relative of Saving Private Ryan seeing as Steven Spielberg and Capt. Dale Dye had input on both projects; Spielberg is listed as the creator of the series,
and also plays Medal of Honor games among others.

Other games that have had something to do with D-Day include Call of Duty and Brothers in Arms. The first game in each series lets the player fill the boots of a US paratrooper dropping into Normandy before the beach landings.



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