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Ash Wednesday

Does anyone remember?

Does anyone remember a point where when you were playing games as a young kid, you were completely hopeless? Perhaps you just got your first computer or perhaps you were just plain afraid, but I’m sure most of you must remember some embarrassing things that happened.

You had the lights on when playing at night and you had the curtains open during the day, because you were afraid of the dark. Your room door was left open or you had your PC in the lounge where everyone else was because you couldn’t be on your own. The sound was turned down and the brightness levels were turned up. Every possible aid like an extra large crosshair and auto-aim were on, and you played with just the keyboard. You didn’t know how to strafe, you hadn’t mastered the mouse, and you played with both hands clustered around the arrow keys and numpad. You didn’t know where the quicksave and quickload buttons were, and you got your @ss handed to you by even the lower enemies and you were caught in every single trap. You were confounded by even the simplest puzzles and you got lost and trapped in a maze, going around in circles, unable to find the key, exit or whatever else was on the linear gameplay’s agenda.

When you look back now, you think about how you would laugh if you were to be sitting next to yourself. 

Or perhaps you still do these things…maybe you’re an old man who just got his first computer. Sorry.



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